Sentinel 400 | modular SBC for
teams, Skype4B and other PBX.

The Sentinel is a hybrid SBC with integrated VoIP gateway. Own applications can be integrated on the internal virtual server. The communication interfaces make the Sentinel a cross-connector between the classic telephone world and new packet-based voice applications.

  • variable licensing of concurrent calls from 3-1000 sessions
  • 5x GigabitEthernet (TP)
  • PSTN modules - S2M, FXS, FXO and S0 (in progress)
  • 19'' chassis with eight slots
  • virtual server - up to 16 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD possible (optional)
  • additional firewalls, proxies or SD-WAN routers are an example of a VM application
  • further applications for the internal virtual machines are firewalls, L2 encryption BSI, alternative SBC and other applications, which can be loaded as ISO image on a VM
  • telephone systems can also be run directly in a virtual machine