34 years in telecommunication business in Europe and worldwide

denk-stein:net distributes, advises and develops solutions and products for data and telecommunication for 34 years. As an independent and self-financed company, we strive for close, trusting and cooperative cooperation both with our customers and with our suppliers. Our goal is to strategically partner in all directions to be reliable today, as well as in the future, and to provide state-of-the-art technology. The long-term economic success of our customers is the basis for our corporate success.

denk-stein:net plans and implements customer-specific solutions and products nationwide, as well as in the EU and other countries in the world. Our focus is on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, we implement special applications worldwide. Our expertise lies in metrology, the network equipment for DSL, WDM and Ethernet metro networks. denk-stein:net consolidated its international presence and facilitated market entry within the EU. Since October 2017 we support you under the new name denk-stein:net GmbH

denk-stein:net evaluates innovative technology. The convergence between interconnected and packet-oriented networks poses new challenges and raises questions that have already been answered. Quality of Service (QoS), increased proactive monitoring of IP networks and the activation of existing reserves in cable networks are examples of this. Added to this are new services (such as IPTV) that demand new standardized solutions and new measurement technology. We help our customers to find their way between technological progress and profitability.

denk-stein:net | Technology and Performance:

  • Measurement technology and infrastructure components - Delivery and commissioning
  • Active technology directly from the distributor (fiber, copper and wireless
  • Hardware support (repair and calibration)

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