Media5 Sentinel CS | virtual SBC as VM

Microsoft Teams supported by Media5 Session Border Controller

The Media5 Sentinel CS is a powerful Session Border Controller for SMBs that can be deployed in a virtual environment (on-premises or in the cloud). It features the same Microsoft Teams certified DGW software as our hardware-based Sentinel SBCs (Sentinel 100 and Sentinel 400 from Media5 Corporation).
The Session Border Controller is security cast in software. Telephone systems or new German PBX should not be connected directly to the Internet. Unfortunately, a firewall alone is of little use. VoIP applications are not protected by classic Layer 3 firewalls. The Sentinel CS can be used in parallel to the firewall from layer 4 or even cover the underlying layers of the OSI model as the customer needs it. This means that a protection mechanism can be implemented directly at the VoIP level.
Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is supported and can be seamlessly integrated with the eSBC feature of Mediatrix Sentinel CS.
KVM, VMware and Azure are supported by default. A web interface allows settings to be modified and monitored from an internal network. The licensing model is based on Concurrent Calls (CC) and, combined with software maintenance, is a rounded and coherent concept. Even smaller installations can be operated securely.

Technical Specifications

  • SBC Sessions - More than 6000 sessions
  • Survivability
  • Encryption (TLS/SRTP)
  • Registered Users - More than 15000
  • No extra license required, concurrent call license only

Key Features

Carrier-Grade Features
QoS monitoring
Service continuity in Hosted UC/PBX deployments

Easy Configuration and Management
Intuitive Web GUI
Customizable Default settings

Robust Security
Enterprise communication encryption
SIP-enabled firewall inspects and authorizes communications and prevents DoS attacks

Multiple IP addresses and VLANs
NAT, firewall, and router capabilities