SRO-100 | Rubidium-Standard with GPS connection

The patented SRO-100 is the industry`s first smart Rubidium clock, integrating complex synchronization functionallity all in one low-cost, super-small package . It utilizes SmarTiming + technology to provide a host of timing features, which were previously implemented externally on a separate circuit board. The SRO intelligently synchronizes, disciplines, and controls any Stratum-1 reference such as GPS, Cesium, Hydrogen Maser, and T1/E1 at cutting-edge 1 ns resolution. The SRO-100 is integrated in the GPSReference 2000 for Smart Timing.

  • 1" height
  • Ultra-high stability
  • SmarTiming+ technology
  • 1 ns locking resolution
  • Low consumption