New speed test replaces Ookla in the Argus

The error message "Test was terminated due to an error" will have irritated many users when starting SpeedTest. The software provider Ookla has excluded Argus testers with the Ookla client from the worldwide speednet.test. The access, which was previously offered free of charge by Ookla, was suddenly to cost license fees. Despite persistent negotiations by Intec, no compromise acceptable to customers could be found.

Argus Real Speed Direct based on iPerf

Intec then developed the Argus Real Speed Direct test, which has been available since firmware version 3.50/4.10 (15x-16x series). The new test option provides an iPerf-based speed test against a public server. The look-and-feel is similar to the known tests. In addition, it allows customers to test against their own iPerf servers. The initial purchase includes 12 months of server usage on the public network.
Request a offer directly here (please specify serial number and Argus type).