Argus F240 almost without keyboard

The Argus F240 with its hardware designed for 10 GBit/s will be available from September. Compared to the Argus 300, however, it does almost entirely without a keyboard. The operating concept via touch has been supplemented by a greatly reduced selection of keys in the Argus F240.

Equipped for the future

The symmetrical standard XGS-PON is the 10 GBit/s interface currently being rolled out in public networks. NG-PON2 is not yet as widespread; product support from hardware manufacturers is still lacking here. With current new investments in POP, most providers are opting directly for an XGS-PON interface on the OLT side.
The new selective 3-way OPM is specifically designed to simultaneously measure GPON and XGS-PON levels, read out the PON ID and perform a full ONT simulation with IP and performance tests. Router and bridge modes on the PON interface are also supported.

Extension is coming

Currently, the data throughput is still limited to 2.5 GBit/s. This limitation will be lifted in the future.