Actelis complements DIN-Rail portfolio

Actelis is expanding the GigaLine series to offer higher-speed solutions for large and small networks. The GigaLine switches support hybrid fibre-copper infrastructures to expand the fibre share.

Enhance security in mission-critical and KRITIS environments.

"While our customers are looking for cyber-secure, rapidly deployable solutions for their networking needs in large-scale IoT projects, they also need a greater variety of features and capabilities for faster and ever larger networks. That's exactly what our existing and newly launched GigaLine products provide," said Tuvia Barlev, Chairman and CEO of Actelis Networks. "Network operators trust Actelis because of our high product reliability, quality and resilience and we are very confident that they will be very pleased with our new GigaLine series of fibre products."

Actelis Gigaline Switches as rack mount or DIN rail

More flexibility with 10G on top-hat rail

The new GigaLine product range consists of nine new product families and more than 40x product models. It includes 10GBit/s Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches and aggregation devices with a wide range of features and benefits and builds on the existing GigaLine product offerings for copper, coax and hybrid copper-fibre networks.
With this important addition to its product portfolio, Actelis is better able to meet the networking needs of IoT network operators who already have large portions of their network equipped with fibre. The launch complements Actelis' existing portfolio of hybrid fibre-copper network equipment for rapid deployment, providing customers with a robust end-to-end solution that covers all types of physical infrastructure, both existing and new. IoT operators will benefit from being able to consolidate their various network segments under one umbrella that covers intelligent software management, rapid deployment in hard-to-reach areas using Actelis' unique ability to deliver gigabit connectivity over existing copper and coaxial cables, and network cyber-hardening - all at significant cost savings.

key features of Actelis switches such as POE-support Layer3 and 10G

Comprehensive integration through MetaAssist EMS

The new GigaLine products are software-managed devices designed for a variety of mission-critical applications such as smart city, logistics, rail, utilities, military and others where reliability and security are paramount. The new GigaLine products operate in a wide temperature range from very cold to very hot environments, support a high density of connections and functions in a small space and offer multiple levels of security.
The GigaLine product families can be remotely controlled with Actelis' intelligent MetaAssist EMS software solution, enabling operators to quickly scale their networks, save on-site installation time, accelerate "time to service" and increase service availability, while reducing operational costs and complexity.

Rack-based switches aggregate DIN rail switches

Actelis' new fibre product line is available for both DIN rail mounting (typically in traffic cabinets) and rack mounting (for installation in commercial racks). Rackmount options include the GL6040 product line, for example, which offers the highest port density with 36x 1G ports, four 10G interfaces and Layer 3 switching capabilities. Another rack-mount example is the feature-rich GL6010 product line, which offers the most Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) features and uses all 24 1G interfaces to power IoT devices (such as cameras and sensors) over the network lines.
DIN rail options include the GL5020 with 12 ports, four 10G interfaces and POE++ (90W power for each IoT device), and the GL5060 with high-density, Layer 3 features, 20 ports, 10G capacity and Power over Ethernet.